User Manual Mode Reference

ETC Modes

Below are the current ETC modes.

You can download all of these modes here. To run them on your ETC, unpack the .zip file, move all the mode folders into the Modes folder of the ETC's USB drive and restart the device. See this section of the manual for more info.

Name Knob 1 Knob 2 Knob 3 Knob 4
0 - Sound & MIDI EvaluationN/AN/AN/AN/A
S - AquariumNumber of FishSpeedSegment WidthColor
S - Bits HorizontalNumber of BitsSizeAngleColor
S - Bits VerticalNumber of BitsSizeAngleColor
S - Center DiamondLine WidthShadow DistanceShadow AngleColor
S - Circle RowNumber of CirclesDiameterY PositionColor
S - Circle Scope ConnectedCircles diameterScaleLine WidthColor
S - Circle Scope OffsetCircles DiameterLine WidthOffsetColor
S - Circular Trigon FieldField SizeTriangle Skew RightTriangle Skew LeftColor
S - Classic HorizontalY PositionLine WidthCircle DiameterColor
S - Classic VerticalX PositionLine WidthCircle DiameterColor
S - ConcentricX PositionY PositionDiameterColor
S - Cone ScopeX PositionAngleLine WidthColor
S - Connected ScopeLine WidthCircle DiameterRandom Bits AmountColor
S - FeynmanLine WidthBackground Shape ControlBackground Shape AngleColor
S - Football ScopeX PositionY PositionCircle DiameterColor
S - Grid CirclesX OffsetY OffsetCircle DiameterColor
S - Grid Circles - FilledX OffsetY OffsetCircle DiameterColor
S - Grid Polygons ZoomX OffsetY OffsetSizeColor
S - Grid Random PolygonsX OffsetY OffsetSizeColor
S - Grid Random Polygons - FilledX OffsetY OffsetSizeColor
S - Grid SquaresX OffsetY OffsetSizeColor
S - Grid Squares - FilledX OffsetY OffsetSizeColor
S - Grid TrianglesX OffsetY OffsetSizeColor
S - Grid Triangles - FilledX OffsetY OffsetSizeColor
S - Interfering LinesNumber of LinesOuter SpreadCenter SpreadColor
S - Lines DiagonalLine WidthShadow DistanceShadow AngleColor
S - Mirror GridLine WidthGrid SizeSquare Tip SizeColor
S - Mirror Grid InverseLine WidthGrid SizeSquare Tip SizeColor
S - One Line SpinsRotation SpeedLengthWidthColor
S - One Pixel WindowsAberrationY PositionVertical SpreadColor
S - Perspective LinesX positionY positionLine WidthColor
S - Radial ScopeLine WidthLine LengthCircle DiameterColor
S - Sound JawsClenchNumber of TeethTooth ShapeColor
S - Square ShadowsSquare SizeX PositionShadow ScaleColor
S - Tall TowersCircle DiameterX PositionTower SizeColor
S - Three ScopesAngleY PositionLine WidthColor
S - Triangle RowNumber of TrianglesAngleY PositionColor
S - Two ScopesX Position AX Position BLine WidthColor
S - X ScopeLine WidthShadow DistanceShadow AngleColor
S - Zoom ScopeHorizontal spreadY PositionX PositionColor
T - Ball of MirrorsX PositionY PositionWidthHeight
T - Bezier CousinsNumber of PointsNumber of Offset CousinsOffset DistanceColor
T - Bits HAmountLengthShadow OpacityColor
T - Bits VAmountLengthShadow OpacityColor
T - Density CloudCircle DiameterNumber of CirclesDensityColor
T - Density SquaresSquare SizeDensityLine WidthColor
T - Draws HashmarksNumber of Horizontal LinesLine WidthNumber of Vertical LinesColor
T - Font PatternsX OffsetSizeFont FamilyColor
T - Font RecedesFade-to-black TimeInitial SizeRecession SpeedColor
T - Fonts GridFont SizeLine WidthFont FamilyColor
T - Holzer ScrollFont SizeY PositionScroll SpeedColor
T - Line RotateLine WidthLine LengthRotation AmountColor
T - Origami TrianglesX PositionY PositionSizeColor
T - Pie PlatesDiameterNumber of linesOffset AmountColor
T - ReckieWidthHeightShapeColor
T - Rotation GridsLine WidthLine LengthRotation AmountColor
T - Spanish Flash CardsSizeX PositionY PositionColor
T - Triangle RotateX PositionY PositionOpacityColor
T - Word BounceX SpeedY SpeedSizeColor